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Dimension Lumber

Dimension LumberCedarline Industries (CLI) is a leading Western Red Cedar manufacturing mill specializing in the production of lumber dimension, fence boards and fence components to support North American programs with big box stores, distribution centers, building material buying groups, and independent lumber yards.

Small Dimension lumber in sizes: (1x1) (1x2) (1x3) (2x2)
Fence Boards (1x4) 1x6) (1x8) Flat Top and Dog-Eared
Large Dimension (2x4) (5/4 Decking) (2x6) to (2x12)

Cedarline (CLI) produces our dimension lumber and fence boards in several different finishes and grades:
S4S; Resawn Rough; S1S2E; Square Edge; Eased Edge
Clear, Select, Appearance, #2Btr NH; Utility.


In addition, Cedarline Industries (CLI) is a manufacturer and supplier of Appearance Quality Western Red Cedar timbers for posts and beams to North American and Overseas markets.

(4x4) (4x6) (6x6) (8x8) (10x10) (12x12)
S4S or Rgh Finishes. Dimension ProductsTimber Products